Hawk Island Estates Property Owners Association, Inc.

Board Meeting Minutes

April 29, 2005



††††††††††† Jerry Niedzwiecki

††††††††††† Pat Dexter

Cindy Howell

Jim Glickert†††††††††††


Jim Lewis was not present.The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. at Jerry Niedzwieckiís home.


1.      Treasurerís report


Cindy Howell reported that the budget situation is good at this point.We have only one assessment that has not yet been paid.The sewer plant compliance project ended up costing $3,306.44, which was much less than the $5,400 that had been budgeted.(Cindy isnít aware of any outstanding invoices related to the project.)We also saved some money this year from having very little snowplowing costs.


2.      Sewer compliance project


Jerry reported that the weir, baffle and aerators have been installed, and the project is now complete.


3.      Water well #1


Jerry had talked to Atkisson & Son Pump Service late last year about bringing the #1 well online.Atkisson said that he would get back to Jerry on how we could do it, but he never did.Jerry followed up with him recently, and Atkisson said that he would get to it.


4.      Resurfacing of Hawk Island Drive


Jerry talked to Gary Webster about Camden Countyís plans to resurface Hawk Island Drive between Pelican Drive and Ridgeview Terrace.The County is still prioritizing its resurfacing projects, and Gary wasnít able to give us a firm date.


5.      Unpaid assessment


One property owner has not yet paid their assessment.The owner was advised verbally in January that interest and penalties would be assessed if payment wasnít received promptly.This was formalized in a certified letter that was sent subsequently, but that letter never received a reply.We decided that we would proceed to file a lien against the property to protect the Associationís interests.Jerry Niedzwiecki and Jim Glickert will handle this.


6.      Island Court and Ridgeview Terrace transfer to Camden County


Jerry is preparing the application for the County to take over Island Court and Ridgeview Terrace street ownership and maintenance. The Countyís next meeting to review such applications is on July 5th.


7.      Trash collection


Jerry reported that only six property owners use Modern Sanitation for trash collection.If they can be convinced to switch to Waste Management, we can avoid the need for Modern Sanitationís large truck to come through the neighborhood.Jerry will talk to those property owners about switching over.


8.      Bylaws and Restrictive Covenants updates


Jim Glickert reported that the bylaws have been reviewed for proposed changes, and the review of the restrictive covenants is about halfway complete.Both should be presented to the update committee in July or August, giving us sufficient time to discuss them before presenting them to the property owners for approval at the annual meeting in November.


9.      Neighborhood pool party


The pool party will be held on Friday, May 27th, beginning at 5:00 p.m.The rain date will be the following day.Cindy Howell and Maureen Weber will be handling the hot dogs, hamburgers and beverages.The cost for the party is expected to be about $300.Residents will be asked to bring covered dishes (but not in glass containers).


10.  Micellaneous


        Jerry has arranged for the asphalt repair made necessary by the water leak repair in the street near the McKibbensí house.The cost will be $250.

        Jerry has arranged for Howard Kaiser to mow and weed-eat the common properties this season.

        Jerry talked to Hadley Frederick about laying down rock along the north side of the tennis court.Some dirt will first have to be removed to maintain the same grade.There is a tree stump along that strip that Jerry will have removed at a cost of $125.

        The swimming pool will be opened on May 16th.Bob Gustin will be here to open it, and he will also maintain the pool again for us this year.

        The neighborhood clean-up day has been scheduled for Saturday, May 14th.On May 12th, weíll look at the weather forecast to make a final decision whether to proceed or reschedule.

        Jim Glickert will give Jerry some ideas for signs in the subdivision that will help motorists find their way at several of our confusing intersections.

        Jerry bought a house in Florida and expects to be away from his Hawk Island Estates home between October and April for the foreseeable future.As a result, even though his board term isnít scheduled to expire until November 2006, he plans to resign his board position at the upcoming annual meeting in November.With Jim Lewisí term also expiring, we will thus be looking to elect two new board members.


The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Jim Glickert

April 30, 2005



††††† Budget report