Hawk Island Estates Property Owners Association, Inc.

Board Meeting Minutes

June 20, 2005



            Jerry Niedzwiecki

            Jim Lewis

            Cindy Howell

Jim Glickert           


The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. at Jerry Niedzwieckiís home.


1.      Bank loan


Cindy Howell reported that all but two homeowners who were on the installment plan to pay their share of the 2004 pool area improvements paid their installment by the June 15th deadline.  One of these homeowners asked for a postponement until July 15th.  The other hasnít responded to her telephone calls.  Jim Lewis provided Cindy with a cell phone number that should reach this homeowner.  Two other homeowners decided to pay off their entire remaining obligation. 


2.      Budget


Cindy reported that our budget is in good shape.  So far, weíve been lucky with only one waterline repair.  If we spend the full amount budgeted ($5,150) for waterline repairs, then we may end up with a small surplus.  If we donít have any more repairs, we could possibly have a $4,000 surplus


3.      Water well #1


Jerry talked to Jim Atkisson about repairing well #1 to bring it online.  It would cost $800-900 just to pull the pump, and $2,100 to repair the casing, check valve and bleeder valve.  It would cost $6,000-8,000 to replace the pump motor and the other work mentioned above.  Jerry is also talking to Flynn Drilling to get an estimate.  We have a consensus that we need to get the well online, and talked briefly about presenting a proposal to the homeowners at the upcoming annual meeting.  Jim Lewis is going to talk about the situation with a drilling contractor heís used. 


4.      Deeds


Jerry Niedzwiecki will talk to the Webers about executing a deed on the property that was verbally granted to the Association some years ago to provide room for the street and parking area adjacent to the swimming pool. 


5.      Construction proposal


Mick Johnson requested approval for construction of a portico over his front entry.  We approved the construction, conditioned on the approval of the Camden County Planning & Zoning Board.


6.      Culvert work


Camden County has agreed to trench along a portion of Hawk Island Drive, place rip-rap in the trench, and install below the street a drainage pipe that will cross the road near the Biagini/Welsh property line.  It will then be up to the Biaginis and Welshs to handle the water coming out of the pipe.


7.      Miscellaneous


        The Memorial Day weekend party cost $214.  The custom-made container for the pool built by Mick Johnson cost a little over $200. 

        The upper-tier section of Hawk Island Drive is on Camden Countyís list for paving in the next two to four weeks.

        The proposed new signs for parts of the subdivision were discussed, but we decided that this project can be put off. 

        We received an estimate of $2200-2400 to pave the asphalt in front of the Pedersonsí house and a short distance eastward to the first speed bump in the road.  Jim Lewis will talk to APAC for another bid. 


The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Jim Glickert

June 20, 2005