Hawk Island Estates Property Owners Association, Inc.

Board Meeting Minutes

September 26, 2005



            Jerry Niedzwiecki

            Jim Lewis

            Cindy Howell

            Pat Dexter

Jim Glickert           


The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. at Jerry Niedzwiecki’s home.


1.      Budget


Cindy Howell reported that we currently have a bank balance of $6,148.63.  Assuming no repairs to our water system or other unexpected items, our year-end balance should be about $2,500.  (See attachments.)  Cindy raised a question as to what annual assessment amount should be used in preparing the proposed 2006 budget for approval at the annual meeting.  We reviewed the proposed budget at both $550 (the 2005 assessment) and $575 assessment levels and agreed that we should recommend an increase to $575.  This will give us just a little bit of cushion.


We discussed the costs of maintaining and closing the pool.  Bob Gustin charges $40 per visit (twice weekly) to maintain the pool and $400 to close the pool.  Last year, he charged $275 to close the pool.  Jerry said that he thought that this year’s closing cost was a bit high for the work that was done by Bob. 


2.      Bringing water well #1 online


Jim Lewis hopes to get a bid by late October on the work necessary to bring water well #1 online.  We plan to bring the proposal to the property owners at the annual meeting on November 5.  We also decided that if the cost was going to be $200 or less per property owner, we would ask that it be paid for with a one-time special assessment.  If more than $200, we would let the property owners decide whether to pay it with a one-time assessment or to pursue a bank loan.


3.      Property being deeded to the Association by the Webers


Work on the deed should be finished soon. 


4.      Contract with Lake Cable


The contract with Lake Cable expires in April 2007.  Jerry wants this mentioned to the property owners at the annual meeting and ask for any comments on what to do thereafter.


5.      Updates to bylaws and restrictive covenants


Jim Glickert has provided drafts to other members of the committee (Jerry Niedzwiecki, Pat Dexter and Tom Otto).  The drafts contain a few new items—particularly in the restrictive covenants—that could be controversial.  We decided that updating these documents for the many easy, straightforward items should not be jeopardized by submitting new, potentially controversial items for approval.  These items can always be proposed in future years.


6.    Annual meeting


In light of the last-minute efforts we went through last year to get a quorum for the annual meeting, we discussed the need to put more pressure on property owners to either attend the annual meeting or send in their proxies.  We decided to:

·        Tell property owners of our past difficulty in getting a quorum

·        Remind property owners that their presence or proxy at the annual meeting is one of the only things we ask of them all year. 

·        Tell property owners that they need not worry about sending in a proxy for fear of not being able to override it by attending the meeting. 

·        Indicate that we may have a special item (i.e. bringing well #1 online) to be presented.


7.       Miscellaneous


·        Jerry will try to get the cracks filled in the asphalt outside the pool and play areas.  We decided not to apply a sealer since its benefit is primarily aesthetic. 

·        Art Shortland wants to put a hot tub on the concrete pad behind his house, and requested permission to put up a wooden fence around it.  We all agreed to approve it. 


The meeting adjourned at 8:04 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Jim Glickert

September 29, 2005



      Budget (2 sheets)