Hawk Island Estates
Property Owners Association, Inc.

The Hawk Island Estates Property Owners Association, Inc. (HIEPOA) is a not-for-profit corporation that was incorporated in the State of Missouri in April 1981.  HIEPOA is similar to most homeowners associations.  Each of the 54 property owners in the subdivision is a member of the Association.  The Association has a five-person board of directors elected by the members.  The board has the powers, duties and responsibilities that are common to most boards, and are further described in the Association's Bylaws.

The Association owns several parcels of "common" property in the subdivision, as well as the swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, the sewage treatment plant, two water well houses, and two of the streets in the subdivision.

The current members of the board are:

Tom Otto President
Mark Tinges Vice President
Cindy Howell Treasurer
Terry McLane Secretary
Tom Eckdahl At-large position